Mindfulness and Meditation, we hear about the benefits all the time, go to any website that talks about health, and you will likely see a section that discusses the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have skimmed past the suggestions for both. I could never really understand how sitting around for 10 or 20 or more minutes was going to help me. To top it off my mind would not get quiet so it “just didn’t work for me”. Plus I am busy, I have always been busy, so the truth is, I thought it was a waste of my very valuable time until I really gave it a shot. A few years ago I was in Sedona at a weekend mediation/yoga workshop and I decided to really commit to meditation and being more mindful. In the beginning it was hard, my mind would wander and I was sitting there waiting around for my timer to end so I could get on with my all important to do list. However, as with so many spiritual tools we have access to, once I was able to get out of the way and just trust the process, things began to change. Now I love my mediation practise and continue to practise being mindful in all that I do.

Due to technology we can now see what everyone has been talking about all these years. Heart Math has the ability to show how negative emotions and stress effect out heart rhythms and therefore our health and wellness. Heartmath provides quick easy coherence techniques to find calm and balance in our lives. Let me show you how it done and together we will open the door to a more calm, joyful life.