I have been helping people transform their lives for over 30 years and during my own over 50 rotations of the sun I have gone through many transformations of my own. In my 20’s I started volunteering for a crisis centre, I was a young married mother with three young children and I wanted to give something back. I had after all survived a complicated childhood and a fair bit of crazy during my youth. I was grateful for the stability I finally felt and welcomed the opportunity to be of assistance to others. I had no idea that what I was really doing was learning life skills that I would get to use over and over during this lifetime. Although my marriage had given me great stability at a time I really needed it, I did eventually grow out of it. After 13 years I could no longer ignore that voice in my head that urged me to leave. So although it was extremely difficult for my entire family, my marriage ended and a new chapter began. I wish I could tell you that once I was on my own, I blossomed into a more authentic version of myself, but I can’t. Most of my lessons during the next decade would come the hard and the painful way. I had enough skills to keep it all together on the outside, but on the inside I had a lot of work to do. Again that voice in my head that wanted more, wanted better, got so loud I could no longer ignore it and that started a new path for me. I had again hit a cross roads and choose the path less travelled. I still recall how scary that was and everyday I am grateful I did it anyway. Today I believe that courage is not the absence of fear, courage is doing the action despite the fear. I believe the universe has my back and I believe the universe has yours as well. We can all have a beautiful ending to our stories and we are the authors of our own endings.

I know that change is inevitable, and growth is optional.  Some of the toughest times in my life have been when deep down I knew change was inevitable, yet was unwilling to let go. I did not want to surrender. I was afraid.  I believe when we live in fear, there is no room for faith. When faith found a way, I finally let go and oh, what a ride!  I remember what it is like when it hurts to breathe. Today there is nothing like the joy of a deep belly laugh or the serenity of a beautiful sunrise.  Gratitude is the key to freedom and courage the way through the door.