It’s Monday, again! How does the weekend go so quickly! With its lists and plans and things to do and then it’s gone, leaving us with the beginning of other week. The weekend does not care if we got all our check marks complete, if we had enough fun, enough down time, enough up time. It goes anyway, with little care of what we did or did not do. I suppose it is up to each of us, as individuals, to determine what is enough and be grateful with that.

I sometimes feel as though time is slipping by so quickly I can barely keep up and other days its like I have it all under control. This morning it all feels a bit slippery but it is early, the sun has not yet risen nor are the birds chirping. I suppose this is my time to choose this day, to grab a hold or let it slip by. I believe that I choose my happiness, even when it feels elusive, therefore today I choose happiness! I choose freedom and joy and abundance!

I will get up and stretch and meditate and go forward into Monday morning with all its potential and promise. I will shake off this slow sad start and begin again, grateful for the opportunity to do just that. Today I choose freedom and joy and abundance! What will you choose?

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