My name is Shirley Hogan and I specialize in helping people transform their lives, and businesses transform their teams. This usually happens when clients feel like they have run out of options, their goals are unclear and they are uncertain what they want and what steps to take. This can occur on both an individual or team level. These feelings or desires for something different can surface if someone has recently suffered a loss, is contemplating careers or reconsidering relationships. All teams, like all people, go through changes and have conflicts. Individuals are responsible for their own choices and health. Employers however, do have an obligation to provide their employees with psychologically safe working conditions. Whatever your story, coaching can help you navigate those uncharted waters.

If you have found yourself looking at my page as an individual, let’s work together to find out what your most authentic self craves, how you want to feel and how can you get there. If you are ready to take steps towards transformation let me help you find the clarity , strength, and focus needed to overcome obstacles while maintaining a healthy balance in your life. Coaching can help you use practical strategies to reduce daily stresses and anxieties and make better choices so that both your career and personal life are more manageable, enjoyable, and fulfilling. We will use proven coaching tools to assist you in finding your authentic answers to obtainable goals.

If you are looking for help with your organization or business, please go to my Leadership – Employee Wellness page.